28 July 2016

Clinton Crowned

British historian A. J. P. Taylor once said that "Nothing is inevitable until it happens."

Well, the inevitable finally has happened.

Hillary Clinton has received the nomination for President of the United States from the Democratic Party.

The inevitable was supposed to happen in 2008. Instead, Clinton found herself blindsided by a relatively unknown (and now arguably incompetent) senator from Illinois--Barack Obama.

Clinton's drive to be The-First-Woman-Nominated-For-President-By-A-Major-Political-Party has somewhat lost its enchantment after The-First-Black-Man-Nominated-For-President-By-A-Major-Political-Party. She gave the milestone a brief acknowledgement in her speech. But most of her speech sounded like Reagan's "Morning in America" address from a couple of decades ago. And that is expected from an incumbent party.

Clinton's speech was well-written. The delivery, however, lacked even the most rudimentary rhetorical skill. Its one more thing that Clinton and Trump have in common.

Anyway, here is the speech:

If you prefer to read the speech, the text is here.

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