22 July 2016

Religion at the Republican National Convention

Over at Religion and Ethics News Weekly, affiliated with PBS, managing editor Kim Lawton filed this report on religion at the Republican National Convention.

Almost all the religious activity took place outside the convention itself. Various faith-based groups held luncheons and meetings, some of which looked more like evangelical worship services that political workshops.

Some participants expressed satisfaction with the platform, calling it the "most conservative ever."

That's important given the hard sell it will take to convince voters, especially evangelicals, that Donald Trump is their friend.

Chad Connelly, the party's National Director of Faith Engagement, advised that the voters should look at issues rather than personalities.

Lawson noted that although polling shows 78% of white evangelicals plan to vote for Trump, nearly half concede that their vote will serve more as a rejection of Hillary than an affirmation of Trump.

Is that anti-Hillary passion strong enough to move evangelical to the polls? Time will tell.

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