03 August 2016

Khan Game

The most controversial and enduring religious topic from the Republican and Democratic national conventions concerned the speech of Khizr Khan and Donald Trump's reaction. Khan spoke of the ultimate sacrifice of his son U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, who died in a suicide bombing while stationed in Afghanistan. He noted that his son never would have experienced the honor of serving in the military if Donald Trump occupied the White House.

Khan is not just some "average American" that the organizers of the Democratic National Convention happened upon. Khan is an immigration lawyer and longtime supporter of the Democrats. Hillary Clinton had brought attention to the Khan family in a speech on national security at the University of Minnesota. With Donald Trump's proposal to ban Muslim immigrants, the Khan family became answer. Rather than engage in a dry discussion of immigration policy, tell an emotionally powerful story of sacrifice for the country.

Perhaps the most telling moment was Khan's waving of a copy of the Constitution at Donald Trump. He challenged him to "Look for the words liberty and equal protection of law."

Of course, "liberty" and "equal protection of the law" does not apply to immigration policy. Congress enacts laws that establish our immigration policies. Our immigration policies always have discriminated in favor of some groups and against others.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump found himself baited into a personal dispute with the Khans. Instead of citing the Constitutional articles that give Congress the power to establish immigration policy, he went after Khan's wife.

One wonders what Ted Cruz thought of Trump's performance.

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