23 August 2016

Nothing to See Here

One would think that the recent release of hacked private communications between members of the Democratic National Committee or the more conventionally contrived release of Hillary Clinton's emails from her tenure as Secretary of State would be seen as a treasure trove for investigative reporters.

Yet in the midst of a presidential campaign, the emails that provide a rare glimpse inside the operations of a major political party and behind the scenes access to the State Department under Hillary Clinton have attracted little interest from journalists. Perhaps they fear what they might discover.

The Associated Press has begun to examine the connection between the donors to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's  activities at the State Department. You can read about it here.

 The Clinton camp offered up the usual duplicitous defense. It claimed that the conclusions of the Associated Press cannot be trusted because it does not possess the complete list of her meetings. How this would change things Clinton spokesperson did not say. There is a reason why the AP only used half the meetings of Ms. Clinton as Secretary of State: the State Department has delayed releasing them--and will not release them until AFTER the election.

This has moved other media outlets to revisit older reports on the questionable connections between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. A second look reveals a pattern of corruption. The IBT reports on the "Pay to Play" Clintons here.

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