22 September 2016

Entertainment Eats Its Own

If Jimmy Fallon gave Donald Trump the "kid glove" treatment on the Tonight Show, assorted thespians more than made up for it later at the Emmy Awards.

The Emmys recognize excellence in television entertainment. I did not watch the broadcast of the Emmy Awards and cannot in fact remember ever watching them. If the Emmy broadcast follows the pattern of most variety shows or award ceremonies, it would offer up gentle criticism of candidates from both sides of the political spectrum. And this year provides more material than most. From the reporters at Reuters, however, it appears that all of the political jests and snipes seemed to have been directed at television entertainment veteran Donald Trump. Whether this reflects what really happened or merely the interest of the reporters at Reuters--who knows.

Interestingly, it was a case of entertainers eating their own. Donald Trump's television show The Celebrity Apprentice actually received an Emmy nomination back in 2004 but lost to The Amazing Race.  (Trump's reaction . . . what else but "I got screwed out of an Emmy.")

Reuters reports here.

Below some highlights--or lowlights--depending on your political views.

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