21 September 2016

Of Follicles and Fallon

In other entertainment news, some observers have taken Jimmy Fallon to task for his easy familiarity with Donald Trump when the Republican presidential candidate appeared on the Tonight Show.

Frank Sheck at the Hollywood Reporter uploaded a piece entitled "Jimmy Fallon Helps Donald Trump Play Nice on The Tonight Show." The article includes several clips, including one of Fallon playing with Trumps famous comb-over.

Confusing Fallon's talk show host role with that of investigative reporter, Shreck summarized Fallon's approach as "cringe inducingly fawning." He later alluded to a specific exchange as another example of "his hard-hitting style."

It appears that in this current highly politicized season, entertainers must throw out all sense of propriety--and humor--in the name of forming a united front against fellow entertainer Donald Trump.

It's another case of the entertainment industry devouring its own.

Below, Fallon addresses a question on his approach:

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