19 October 2016

A Tale of Three Foundations

The Clinton Foundation has generated its share of controversy as a "pay for play" vehicle for those seeking influence with former Secretary of State and future President Hillary Clinton. The Middle Eastern despots and their supporters surely donated  their millions for other reasons than creating opportunities for women and girls--one of the missions of the Clinton Foundation. And it serves as a source of employment for Clinton political operatives.

Foundations in general are good things. They exemplify in a modern way what Aristotle called the virtue of magnanimity--large scaled generosity for a public purpose. America's wealthiest individuals and families create foundations--Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Charles Koch, Bill Gates, and the Walton family, for examples.

And some Americans, like the Clintons, establish foundations primarily  funded by others.

Over at the National Review, a short comparison of three contemporary foundations--those of Carter, Clinton, and Trump.

Read it here.

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