03 October 2016

Divine Revelation Through Visions Today

"God Almighty is speaking again through dreams and visions today, and I know he wants to talk to you."

So claims evangelist Benny Hinn.

In this week's first look at divine revelation through dreams and visions, Benny Hinn presents a theology of dreams and visions. He attempts to provide his audience spiritual discernment so that they can distinguish between those occasions when God is communicating with them in a dream and when is communicating in a vision. He does not entertain the question of whether or not God is speaking to them at all.

He begins  by teaching on the most well-known Biblical accounts of dreams. In conformity with biblical texts, he teaches that God does not restrict his communications through dreams and visions to Christians only. Hinn acknowledges that even Muslims today receive visions from God.

He makes the following distinctions between dreams and visions.

 In dreams God reveals his plans. Dreams take place in sleep. Conversations detailed in dreams do not really take place. One cannot talk back to God in a dream. Any  conversation that takes place in a dream reveals what God wants one to say when awakened.

In visions, God reveals his nature. Visions do not take place in sleep. One can engage in conversation with God when receiving a vision.

But then there are something called visions in the night. These are visions that come as dreams in the night, which are called visions of the night. But those who experience them call them dreams. And they are so real one wakes up.

Got it?

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