26 October 2016

Even More Divine Words of Knowledge

It's difficult to discern whether or not this is real . . .

A spiritual advisor who calls herself Mother Knowledge shares a divine revelation received through a word of knowledge. I infer that she calls herself Mother Knowledge because of the the frequency with which she receives words of knowledge from God.

God gave her the name of a sister in Christ, who she does not know naturally and personally, but somehow knows spiritually, whatever that means.  Mother Knowledge explains that she prepared this video to convey God's message. Why God did not directly contact this sister and depended instead upon Mother Knowledge is unexplained.

The communication becomes garbled, however, as Mother Knowledge received a additional communication from God while trying to convey the first one. Like some preternatural pop-up message, God interrepted her stream of consciouness with a communcation from the Holy Spirit in the form of tongues.

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