04 October 2016

More Divine Revelation Through Visions Today

In this lesson, Benny Hinn attempts to make the idea of divine revelation through visions intelligible.

First, he attempts to distinguish between visions and dreams. He does this not based upon their ontological status, but upon their frequency and purpose.

First, he asserts that visions from God happen much less frequently than dreams. According to Hinn, Christians receive visions once in a few years, perhaps during turning points in one's life. Maybe he also asserts this because some not all dreams are from God. Some are brain functions and some apparently are from Satan. But visions come only from God. This last claim brushes aside the logically possible scenario that Satan creates visions.

Second, he claims God reveals his nature in visions and his plans in dreams. Of course, this claim flies in the face of many scriptures to the contrary.

Then Hinn lists list five keys to interpreting visions, based upon his exposition of Habakkuk.

First, Hinn directs his listeners to pray. Prayer fulfills visions. That is an interesting claim. In the very text he cites, God claims that the vision will surely come. It is not contingent on prayer or anything else. So how can someone pray to fulfill the vision? Moreover, it sounds like Hinn suggests that Christians actualize certain states of affairs through their prayers. Obviously, those states of affairs may impact others unrelated to the vision or the prayers. And what happens when prayers collide?

Second, Hinn advises listeners to  wait on the Lord to make the vision clear. It appears God prefers to communicate an unclear message and then follow it up with clarifying memo.

Third, Hinn exhorts his listeners to act on the vision.

Fourth, Hinn reminds them to wait on God to fulfill the vision. Of course, waiting on God to fulfill the vision is contrary to the previous key of acting on the vision. Hinn revises his exhortation to act on the vision to mean prepare to act.

Five, Hinn encourages his listeners to keep the faith. Do not become discouraged if fulfillment of the vision is delayed.

And delayed just might mean never.

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