27 October 2016

Wireless Word of Knowledge

Peter Popoff established himself as one of the more popular television evanglists some years ago. He based him ministry chiefly on healing. And as with all healers, he never healed anyone of any disease with obvious physical symptoms. He never healed people of physical deformities, small pox, or even baldness.

Along with his healings, however, Popoff claimed the spiritual gift of the word of knowledge. God allegedly communicated to him the name and circumstances of people in his audience. He would seek them out and heal them.

James Randi, a former illusionist who used his knowledge of the craft to expose psychics as frauds, turned his attention to Popoff. Randi eventually discovered that Popoff's "Word of Knowledge" did not come from God; it came from his wife. She collected prayer cards before the healing service began and communicated the content of those cards to Popoff. Randi picked these communications up on a radio receiver.

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