24 October 2016

Divine Words of Knowledge Today

Yesterday's Sunday School Lesson considered the general question of epistemology. Knowledge begins with experience--sense data from nature and our rational reflections upon it. Some people claim, however, that they have supernatural experiences as well. They say a supreme being communitcates with them through dreams, visions, or inspiration.

Believers post accounts of their experiences frequently on the internet. Others post bible lessons on how to receive, interpret, and react to such divine communications.

In the presentation below, King shares revelatory words of knowledge that she received from God. The message, however, was intended for another individual.

As I listen, I wonder, "Well, why did not God just give the "words of knowledge" directly to the person for which he intended them? Isn't he taking a big chance on that person  reason missing this television broadcast and never receiving the revelation that God intended for them?

Well, what kind of knowledge does King offer? She addresses a person who works with someone who professes a different religion. Its a religion that "works against Christianity." That would be all religions, according to the Bible. This person "feels a spiritual warfare" because of this other person's religion. Of course, from the information provided, it appears that the Christian is about to provoke a skirmish in the perpetual spiritual warfare, not the non-Christian. King says that God will put a "dome of light" as a protection. This dome of light will protect the Christian from the spiritual energy from this other religion, because the light penetrates the darkness. (Is this anything like the "cone of silence" used on the old television show, Get Smart?)

King then speaks to another person who will receive a vision. "He just comes right into their vision." Glad she gave this person the heads up. Finally, she speaks to another person that God will provide the funding for their building. And this provides the sedgeway into her pitch. She has plans for a new building, too. And she needs funding from her viewers so we will not need a bank loan. You know the rest.

                                      Patricia King promises the Done of Light

The Cone of Silence

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