06 November 2016

A Sunday School Lesson: An Old Testment Outline

Previous Sunday morning posts explored was Christians would call part of their epistemology--that a supreme being who dwells in a spiritual dimension has communicated with human beings through sundry kinds of revelation. Some of these accounts were written down and organized into a collection of sacred writings that the Christians call the Bible--from byblos or books.

For those who experience exasperation about where to begin reading the bible or how its editors structured it, here is my very unoriginal take on it. Of course, this conforms to conventional Christian beliefs about authorship and dating.

The Law: Genesis through Deuteronomy

Pre-Exile History: Joshua through 2 Chronicles   (Exile refers to Babylonian captivity)

Post-Exile History: Ezra through Esther

Wisdom Books: Job through Song of Songs

Major Prophets: Isaiah through Daniel

Pre-Exile Minor Prophets: Hosea through Zephaniah

Post-Exile Minor Prophets: Haggai through Malachi

Over the next few weeks or months, the The Rational Right will take a cursory look at particular accounts in the Biblical narrative and assess the veracity of its claims. Does the Bible have much to say to people living today in a 21st century commercial republic?

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