21 November 2016

Democratic Soul Searching

After this most unusual presidential campaign and  most unexpected ending, the Democrats began their soul searching--at least those who have souls.

Among those who don't, they make a futile effort to explain what is, from their presuppositions, unexplainable.

Before the election, Democratic pundits on television and in social media accused Donald Trump of blatant racism, sexism, and Islamophobia. In addition, they slandered his supporters with the same vices, throwing in homophobia for good measure. Disregarding the idea that Trump's supporters may have planned to vote for him on issues like the economy and jobs, progressive pundits insisted that just by voting for Trump they endorsed everything he said. No doubt they felt free to level such charges because Trump had no chance to win. What repercussions could possibly follow?

After the stunning election, these Democrats doubled down. Instead of asking themselves if such pre-election tactics fueled the turnout of not only Trump supporters but also the many undecideds that felt the sting of the slanders, many Democrats attributed the election results to, well, the fact that Trump supporters are racist, sexist, Islamophobic, and homophobic. In a reaction closely resembling confirmation bias, the Democrats witnessed their cynical and jaded images of American  come to life.

Over at the Daily Kos, we learn that those who want to keep blacks in their place, to pat their secretaries on the ass, and to call others "fag" voted for Trump.

Over at ThinkProgress, we learn that it was not just Hillary that failed. It was not the Democrats that failed. It was AMERICA that failed. Why? Because America is sexist and racist.

And of course Van Jones put it all in the progressive perspective election night:

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