28 November 2016

Genesis: From Science Text to Literary Framework

Those Christians who desire to establish the compatibility of the bible with science and yet find that the  "gap theory" and the "day-age theory" fail to maintain the integrity of the scriptures turn to the "framework hypothesis." (Interesting how these interpretive schemes for reconciling the bible to science have such scientific sounding names). The framework hypothesis changes the temporal sequence of the creation narrative into one of forming environments and filling them with living things. For example:

Day One: light
                                           Day Four: sun, moon, and stars

Davy Two: sky and water

                                           Day Five: fish and fowl

Day Three: land

                                           Day Six: land animals and man

By turning from a temporal sequence into a literary framework, this interpretive scheme better than any other achieves the goal of reconciling the bible to science. The cost, however, is the traditional understanding of the opening chapters of Genesis. For this reason, the "framework hypothesis" does not command much support from the majority of Christians.

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