07 November 2016

On the Eve of the Election

Over at The American Conservative, a symposium on the American Presidency.

Like many of the contributors, I find myself divided over Trump.

On the one hand, I am furious that he barged his way into our political process at such a crucial election. For several years, we conservatives in the Republican Party have worked to elect representatives who committed themselves to reigning in the government and its reckless spending. My local tea party here in Atlanta proved instrumental in securing the election of several conservatives both at the state and the national level. By capturing control of the Congress, conservative Republicans  the stage was set for real change. All we needed was a like-minded president. Instead of Cruz, Paul, or even Rubio, we got Trump. With the never dissipating cloud of controversy that always seems to follow the Clintons, any of these other candidates would be coasting to victory. It appears that Clinton, Inc. will again be disgracing the White House.

On the other hand, Trump's no holds barred campaign style laid bare all the political purulence seeping from our body politic. With the timely revelations of Wikileaks, the Trump campaign made explicit what most conservatives already knew: the extraordinary depth of corruption involving the Clintons, their sycophants, their foundation, the Democratic Party, the State Department, the U. S. Attorney General's Office, and, of course, the mainstream media. Any emotional satisfaction from this, however, can never make up for the enormity of this lost opportunity. Even an unlikely Trump victory will only leave a feeling of uncertainty about what lies ahead.

Anyway, the views of some conservatives over here.

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