09 November 2016

The Morning After . . .

Like much of America, I watched with astonishment Tuesday night as the "must win" states fell one by one into the Donald Trump column.

I left work about 7:00 PM. Some of my younger co-workers, Trump fans excited about participating in their first election, shared the earliest returns via their smart phones. I warned them that I had seen this before. Wait a while for the avalanche to begin--"with 1% of precincts reporting, we call New York of Clinton. With 1% of precincts reporting, we call Pennsylvania for Clinton."

Yet when I got home, the avalanche began to rumble down the other side of the mountain. I listened to music with the television volume down, occasionally looking up to witness the unfolding of the most extraordinary and improbable election in my lifetime. I never (or even now) felt draw to Trump. Most of his life he expressed views more in comport with the Democratic Party. Why did he not challenge Hillary Clinton in the other primary? He operated as an interloper who ruined the chances to elect a more philosophically consistent conservative candidate like Ted Cruz to office. The only aspect about this election that promised any satisfaction was that at least he was not Hillary. And I did not believe he could beat her. Yet I sat watching with amazement as his supporters (or anti-Hillary voters) made state after state competitive.

I gave up at 2:00 AM tired and still recovering from the flu.

When I awoke the next morning, I still expected that Hillary's "blue wall" had held.

I turned on the news while by coffee brewed and heard for the first time "President-elect Trump."

Trump's victory speech--from ABC News.

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