29 December 2016

A "Progressive" Case for Israel

After permitting the UN to pass a resolution condemning Israel, the Obama administration doubled down with a speech from Secretary of State John Kerry.

A snippet from the hour long speech:

These two parting shots from the Obama Administration are troubling in light of the growing BDS movement among progressives. Moreover, the actions of both the Obama Administration and the BDS movement are puzzling. For all the white noise about zionism and growing Jewish fundamentalism, Israel remains a very progressive polity. Perhaps this is because most Israelis originally came from Europe or descended from immigrants from Europe.

Israel is a democratic republic.

Israel recognizes basic human rights.

Israel is a nation of "illegal" immigrants.

Israel has a national healthcare system that all Israelis are compelled to join.

Israel allows legal abortions paid for by the national health care.

Israel recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other nations.

Israel allows women in combat in its defense forces.

With all these "progressive" credentials, it is a wonder that they do not give more support of Israel and adopt a more skeptical stance again the Palestinian Arabs. Perhaps its that progressive core value of empathy for the weak and disadvantaged.

From that perspective the weak and disadvantaged Palestinians are right--even when they're not.

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