28 January 2017

The Common Good of the Household

As might be inferred from the previous two Saturday posts, all members of a household share a common good--especially the husband and wife. They share the common good of working together to secure their necessities. They share the common good of participating in the personality formation of the offspring the may have together.

Yet every election year progressive rhetoric pits the sexes against one and other.

The verbal venue most often chosen by progressives concerns birth control and abortion.

Progressives advocate not just for maintaining the current status quo established by Roe v. Wade, but also expanding its scope. They see birth control and abortion as a rights. And  they conceive these rights as more than just "negative" rights that cannot be impinged upon by society or government; they are "positive" rights that must be provided by society or government. Consequently, many progressives advocate for government provision of birth control and abortions--or at least government regulations compelling private entities like insurers to provide these services.

In their advocacy, they warn who constitutes the enemy poised to deprive them of their rights--men. Sometimes progressive feminists  and their supporters conjure up an image of men in Congress passing laws restricting abortion. Or they sound the alarm about the men on the Supreme Court who might overturn Roe v. Wade.

This tactic is somewhat puzzling. Surveys indicate that  men support the right to abortion to the same degree as women. And why not. Men find abortion almost as liberating as women. No more shotgun weddings. No more decades of financial support for an  unwanted child. Moreover, wasn't it seven men of men on the Supreme Court that established abortion at the law of the land?

Anyway, these tactics seem to resonate only with single women. After all, somewhere between 70 and 80 percent of abortions involve single women. Moreover, in presidential elections, married women break for Republicans more than Democrats. Even in this most divisive and extraordinary of elections, the allegedly misogynistic Trump captured half of the vote of married women and the majority of white married women.

Married women recognize the common good of the sexes.

Single women will eventually.

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