17 February 2017

Entertainment Entrails

Some links to stories deep in the entrails of entertainment . . .

A few weeks after expressing her preference for a military junta over a democratically elected republican government, Sarah Silverman now sees swastikas painted on the streets. No wait--they are only construction markers.

Herman Melville wrote that "Ignorance is the parent of fear" in his often praised but rarely read masterpiece, Moby Dick. A contemporary musician named Moby does his best to personify that observation by naming some allegedly "baffling and horrifying crimes" including colluding with the Russians, provoking a war with Iran, and becoming the subject of a coup from right wingers whose fundraising has been hurt by Trump. He is "in the know."

Meanwhile, low information celebrities such as Demi Moore, Kaley Cuoco, Emma Stone, and Sugar Ray Leonard accidentally registered as members of a "far right" political party called the American Independent Party.

And then on to some moral preening at the Grammy Awards  . . .

And the Flat Earth Society has a high profile potential new member.

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