10 March 2017

Cretinous Conservatives

During the eight years of the Obama administration, Republicans railed against the Affordable Care Act and vainly passed legislation to repeal it. They denied accusations from opponents that they had no plan in place as a substitute of the ACA. Now after eight years, we learn the truth--they had no plan.

At least not one that they agreed upon.

Republicans had eight long years to craft an alternative to the ACA--one that garnered the support of most of the party. With a plan in place, all that remained was winning back control of the White House while retaining control of the House and Senate. The electoral triumphs of 2016 empowered the Republicans to achieve their goal and fulfill their promises to the electorate. Instead, the Republicans now exhibit disarray over exactly how to replace the ACA.

And this is not the first time this has happened. In 1992, Bill Clinton made health care reform one of the core issues of his election campaign. Once in office, Clinton set up the Task Force on National Health Care Reform headed by First Lady Hillary Clinton. Opposition from conservatives, libertarians, doctors, and insurers resulted in the late term abortion of "Hillarycare." Nevertheless, Republicans were put on notice that health care reform emerged as the top priority of the Democrats.

So when the Republicans gained control of the government in 2001, what did they do?


For the eight years of the Bush administration, Republicans failed to implement a program of health care reform that limited government direction of doctors, insurers, and patients and at the same time preempted contrary plans of the Democrats. With the election of Barack Obama, Republicans suddenly found themselves gagging as the ACA was shoved down their throats as well as the throats of the American people.

They have had it stuck in their craw ever since.

And they cannot even agree on how to disgorge it.

Below, Paul Ryan's power point presentation:

Meanwhile, other conservative denounce the "Ryancare" as "Obamacare Lite."

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