30 March 2017

From Russia With Love

During the recent presidential election campaign, Clinton campaign officials and supporters fretted--and rightly so--about hacking of John Podesta's emails and their subsequent publication by Wikileaks. The consensus is that Russian intelligence was behind the hacking. Every American, of whatever party, should be disturbed that a foreign power interfered in any way with our election. (Not withstanding the fact Democrats in the past welcomed Russian assistance to their cause.) This laid the foundation for the much more vague post-election narrative that the Russians "hacked" the election.

This Democratic Party narrative received reinforcement after the inauguration as stories began appearing the the New York Times and elsewhere about pre-inauguration meetings between persons affiliated with the Trump campaign and Russian government officials. The articles regularly cite "current" or "former" Obama administration officials. It appears that during routine surveillance of Russian officials, American intelligence agencies became aware of those contacts. Democratic Party supporters have demonstrated that they can leak with the best of them.

This is "troubling" as they say in the media. First, it lets the Russians know (if they do not already) that whatever methods they use to secure their own private communications have failed.  Second, it is a felony to release intelligence information.

If we did not know with certitude by such allusions in the news media to "former" and "current" Obama administration officials that bureaucrats leaked intelligence on persons associated with the Trump campaign--we do now. Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under the Obama Administration  Evelyn Farkus confirmed what the New York Times reported: that government officials from the Obama Administration have been leaking secret intelligence to the media.

The Democrats claim that Russia cost them the election. But they apparently have made  up for it by providing plenty of "troubling" talking points to undermine the Trump administration.

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