05 April 2017

The Unmasker Unmasked

For the past couple of months, The New York Times has reported on contacts between officials connected or once connected with the Donald Trump presidential campaign and Russians government officials. These reports alluded to "anonymous" intelligence officials and "former Obama administration officials as the sources of these stories. No one should be surprised that government officials selectively lead information. What is disturbing about these leaks is that they reveal to the Russians that whatever methods they used to elude eavesdropping by the United States are not working. Moreover, they reveal not only that intelligence was at least incidentally gathered on American citizens, but also that the identities of these Americans have been "unmasked." Usually names of citizens are redacted or simply covered with the expression "U. S. person." In these cases, the intelligence reports revealed the names and then were subsequently leaked to the New York Times. 

Now there has been another leak of sorts. Someone (probably House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes or someone connected with his staff) has revealed the source of the unmasking--former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice. (The mainstream media, continuing to serve as fluffers for the Obama administration but completely ignoring this leak.)

Rice first addressed the leak by denying it. In an interview with PBS on March 22, she claims that she does not "know nothing about that."

This week, however, she backtracked. Now she reveals that she DID know something about that and she all must explicitly admits that she unmasked the names of Trump officials. She denies, however, that she unmasked the names FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES or that she leaked the names to the press.

This progressive prevaricator, once largely unknown to most Americans, earned her first 15 minutes of fame, during her tours of the new talk shows as she spread "fake news" about the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi. Now she is on another "fake news" tour of friendly news outlets.

She probably will not be so chatty before a congressional committee.

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